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“With panache, she mixes a Hip-Hop rhythm with the country fiddle and some R&B in "Back Of The Day" & “Beautiful debut of this girl from L.A..."I Am The Sun" definitely brings the sun in the house.” - Keys and Chords

"Brooke Benson is a rare bird of an artist. She’ll never be confused with female pop tarts or diva singers. Instead, she’s a serious artist that loves words and how these words sound against various musical beds." - Skope Mag

"The track is empowering and motivates the listener in every way." - Fresh Out of the Booth

"I Am the Sun’ is filled with a rich tapestry of articulate and thought-provoking lyrics. Benson effortlessly produces spoken word which is intelligent in nature and composed beautifully. This truly is music with a message which needs to be heard."  - FV Music

"The result is potent storytelling over infectious, memorable sound beds that stimulate the senses, lift the spirit and pump up your energy with each song." 

- Indie Music Discovery

"It might look like a fluff ball. Till you hear the twang, the art, the heart, the rock, the poetry, rhyme, rhythm, rap as held together in a perfect sphere of wicked delight and unbelievable talent." 

- Red Carpeting Living


"A brilliantly unique artist and a really well-captured album. Absolutely worth discovering." 

- Stereo Stickman

"These lyrics echo in the listeners’ mind long after the song has finished." - The Band Camp Diaries

"It also employs some very elemental, not to mention universal, lyrical themes, metaphysical examinations of the underlying connections that bind everyone to each other, to the earth and to the universe in wonderfully fluid quantum poetry." 

- Dancing About Architecture

"Brooke Benson’s mind works completely different from all of ours. Her knack for painting pictures in her music is as impressive as it gets, especially when you consider how effortlessly she does it."


"I can’t tell you how much I needed a song like this in my life! Brooke Benson is my hero." 

- Ratings Game Music

"Brooke Benson's acoustic message radiates a positive spirit." - She Wolf

"This song puts her words to an insistent, driving groove that doesn’t let up – just as her wordplay never lags." - Skope Mag

“I Am the Sun” shows off the undeniable storytelling chops of Brooke Benson in creating a work that teems with life." - Beach Sloth

"With an acoustic-driven sonic foundation, I Am the Sun combines guitar, violins, orchestral swells, sweet-sounding electric guitar tones, and a rapid-pace, rap-style delivery which adds the potent influence of Hip Hop to this stimulating and engaging mix." 

- Indie Music Discovery

"Brooke Benson is a true artist with a strong voice and hammers it home with one bouncy sound. Brooke brings the sunshine for you to bask in on “I Am the Sun.” - Music Industry News Network

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